Four students who want you to give it up for young artists, mainly because their work simply deserves a closer look.
We found facility for exhibits in our homes. In fact, that’s how vier wände works: we reestablish art in a generally accessible and comforting location.

Every new month an exhibit!

The grand oeuvres of art and me, we used to hang in fine galeries. At some point we started getting on each other’s nerves. I never understood why they had always refused to hang at my place. It would have been a joyful one.

Join us as artist

You create art in one of the many forms it can take? Check this out:

1. Recognize the value of your creativity
2. Convince us of your work
3. Be ready to present your art in public
4. Lend us your art
5. We take care of the rest

Are you interested? Write us at: 1234waende [at] googlemail [dot] com

Or do you want to provide young artists with exhibition grounds?

Join us as living community

How do tenants or house owners and artists intermarry happily?

The relationship between living community and artists is crucial since only when both converge, the thing called “vierwände” becomes possible. It is the living community, however, that decides upon the amplitude of the vernissage, the final opening of the show rooms. Please notice that the artist does not necessarily work at the location chosen for the exhibit, as an artist in residence would do, but will at one point or another have to get acquainted with the localities, if not his generous patrons – you.

1. Inspection of the living community by the artist and the vierwände-team

  • Agreement upon the scope of the exhibit
  • If necessary, choice of possible locations for the objects
  • Choice of installation techniques and measuring of work to be done
  • 2. Organisation of the exhibit

  • How extensive will the event be?
  • When does the show room open for public visitors?
  • Where will the exhibit be advertised?
  • You want to lend us your living space? Perfect! Write us! 1234waende [at] googlemail [dot] come